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Best Doctor for IVF Treatment in Mumbai

To understand the treatment a little better, and to know what is in store for you, you should watch videos which walk you through the IVF process in detail- Best Doctor for IVF Treatment in Mumbai, Best IVF Specialist In Mumbai.

First , you take medications to make multiple follicles begin to develop on your ovaries. This step is referred to as ovarian stimulation, or super ovulation.

Step two involves monitoring follicular growth by ultrasound, to determine egg growth and uterine lining development. When it is determined that the follicles and the uterine lining are appropriately mature, a trigger shot of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is then administered.

36 hours after the trigger shot, the Third step begins with retrieval of the The success rates of our Center are amongst the best in the country.

IVF is basically a four step process.

eggs by ultrasound-guided-needle aspiration, an in-office procedure. A sperm specimen is then washed and prepared for insemination. The washed sperm is then placed in a dish with the eggs, and they are placed in an incubator for 18 hours. After 18 hours, the embryos are observed for normal fertilization, under a microscope, where the pronucleus of egg and sperm can be seen. The embryos are then incubated for further development into multi-cell embryos.

The fourth and final step involves transferring the embryos into the uterine cavity via a catheter inserted through the cervix. The number returned varies with the desires of the patient, under the guidelines of age categories; under 35 years old, up to three embryos; 35-40 years and older, up to four embryos. Additional embryos may be frozen and stored for future use.

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