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IVF and Infertility Centre Mumbai

Dr Hrishikesh Pai has eight units in India out of which four are in Mumbai at - Lilavati Hospital Bloom IVF Centre Bandra, Babies and Us Fertility IVF & ICSI Centre Opera House, DY Patil Hospital IVF Centre Nerul and Hiranandani Hospital IVF Centre Vashi. The centres have state of the art facility, IVF and Fertility Centre in Mumbai and located in quintessential localities in Mumbai, easily accessible from all across Mumbai and the busy western suburb and town of Mumbai - they are simply the best IVF and Fertility Centre in Mumbai. They are the first of its kind in Western Mumbai to have a world class laboratory strictly adhering to the international quality standards and committed to deliver the best to its patients.

The very moment when the couple enters the clinic, they feel positive, vibrant and less stressed. The ambience of the clinic generates the feeling of warmth with the courteous staff welcoming and taking care of your smallest needs. It makes you feel at ease and helps to develop a confidence in you by removing all the anxieties. With all the services available under one roof, right from an initial fertility test involving an examination and blood tests to undergoing endoscopic surgeries, In vitro fertilisation (IVF) or Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) / IMSI and Embryo and Sperm cryopreservation, Embryo Adoption. All services are available at one place which in itself acts to release stress, pressure and anxious moments giving a sigh of relief, therefore it can be said all the centres are the best IVF and Infertility Centre in Mumbai.

Dr. Hrishikesh Pai, the Scientific Director of eight IVF centres in India including four of the best and famous IVF and Fertility centre in Mumbai, has been in this field for more than twenty six years and has helped couples in achieving parenthood, personally takes care of each patient. Right from the beginning when the couple comes for their initial consultation to ultrasounds, procedure and finally the pregnancy test. This is what makes Dr Hrishikesh Pai's Centres, unique as the delicate parts of the treatment are not handed over to other IVF staff members but taken care of by Dr Hrishikesh Pai himself. He is known for his dedicated approach in this field and his centres excel in treatments. All the centres have a dedicated team of ART specialists including embryologists, counsellors, nursing and other technical & medical staff.

All the eight centres are well equipped to handle both endoscopic surgeries as well as ART treatments. The operation theatres are well illuminated with advanced lights, there are the electromechanical operating tables and the endoscopic equipments are all the most advanced and imported from the best in the industry. The IVF laboratories are state of the art, with additional incubators which act as backup for one another, a good working station to handle the delicate eggs and embryos, the ICSI machine and the cryopreservation tanks are also imported from abroad. The centres have highly advanced laboratory with latest IMSI, Assisted Laser Hatching technology and Embryoscope. The Labs are HEPA filtered using class 10,000 air handling units which are run 24/7.

Our Fertility Centres believe in providing the patients with complete satisfaction and in assisting them not only in conceiving but in achieving their dream of having healthy babies with help of IVF Treatment. The aim of Dr Hrishikesh Pai & his team is to bring Joy to all those infertile couples who are unable to conceive and help them during their most stressful period in the most scientific manner by offering all therapies under one roof.

To understand the treatment a little better, and to know what is in store for you, you should watch videos which walk you through the IVF process in detail- IVF and Infertility Centre in India.

First , you take medications to make multiple follicles begin to develop on your ovaries. This step is referred to as ovarian stimulation, or super ovulation.

Step two involves monitoring follicular growth by ultrasound, to determine egg growth and uterine lining development. When it is determined that the follicles and the uterine lining are appropriately mature, a trigger shot of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is then administered.

36 hours after the trigger shot, the Third step begins with retrieval of the The success rates of our Center are amongst the best in the country.

IVF is basically a four step process.

eggs by ultrasound-guided-needle aspiration, an in-office procedure. A sperm specimen is then washed and prepared for insemination. The washed sperm is then placed in a dish with the eggs, and they are placed in an incubator for 18 hours. After 18 hours, the embryos are observed for normal fertilization, under a microscope, where the pronucleus of egg and sperm can be seen. The embryos are then incubated for further development into multi-cell embryos.

The fourth and final step involves transferring the embryos into the uterine cavity via a catheter inserted through the cervix. The number returned varies with the desires of the patient, under the guidelines of age categories; under 35 years old, up to three embryos; 35-40 years and older, up to four embryos. Additional embryos may be frozen and stored for future use.

Our goal is nothing short of perfection. We understand you have placed your future family in our hands... you won't be disappointed. Please Contact us for more information - IVF and Fertility Centre Mumbai.