Microfluidics in India

The male factor infertility is often the main reason for infertility in closer to 50% of infertile couples. Sperm plays a vital role in the entire process of fertilization.

Techniques like swim-up and density gradient make sperm counting and sorting easier. Recently, experts in reproductive techniques launched microfluidics technology. This method assists in achieving conception in couples with male infertility.

Microfluidics is the latest sperm segregation technique. It helps isolation of low-quality sperms with damaged DNA from high-quality sperms with intact DNA.

Microfluidics is an advanced technique that requires expertise in handling it. Thus, only a few IVF centres in India have this technology. The Bloom IVF centres in India are equipped with a wide range of assisted reproductive techniques, including microfluidics.

Dr.HrishikeshPai, the founder of Bloom IVF, is one of the best IVF doctors in India. Dr.Pai is adept in various fertility techniques, such as microfluidics. Dr.Pai focuses on achieving pregnancy in couples with male infertility using microfluidics IVF treatment in India.

We will learn more about the microfluidics IVF technique, its applications, and its advantages in this article.


What is the Microfluidics IVF technique?

Microfluidics is a new alternative to the conventional sperm processing and separation method. Microfluidics is based on the principle that sperms with low motility contain more damaged DNA, and highly motile sperms are less likely to carry damaged DNA. It helps to get the best yield of sperms without damaging the sperms and without causing DNA fragmentation.

Microfluidics is beneficial when the semen sample doesn’t pass the healthy sperm parameters. It is a new cost-effective sperm sorting method. This cutting-edge method helps increase the chances of conception.

When is Microfluidics recommended?

  • After repeated IUI failures
  • Incomplete egg fertilization with ICSI in the previous cycle
  • For repeated miscarriages
  • After multiple embryo transfers, failure in embryo implantation
  • In case of formation of poor-quality embryos in earlier IVF cycle

Why is the Microfluidic technique used?

  • Microfluidic technology improves the processing of sperm samples. It also assists in:
    • Sperm quantification
    • Examination of sperm quality
    • Sperm protection

Why is Microfluidics suggested for IVF?

  • The conventional semen processing methods pose an adverse effect on sperm DNA integrity. Hence, it lowers the chances of achieving fertilization. It also results in potential promutagenic changes in sperm DNA.
  • The gravity-driven microfluidic sperm sorter helps isolate motile sperms having higher DNA integrity.
  • The microfluidics IVF treatment in India is gaining popularity as it can make a difference among motile and immotile sperms.
  • The motile sperms separated using microfluidics are used to fertilize the eggs.
  • It helps reduce the risk of carrying on sperm DNA mutations and retains the embryo quality.

How does the Microfluidic technique work?

  • Several studies reveal that morphologically and genetically normal sperms have a higher grade of motility.

Microfluidics doesn’t involve centrifugation of semen samples for sperm isolation. Centrifugation tends to elevate oxidative stress on sperms.

The technician transfers an untreated semen sample into the bottom chamber of the microfluidic device and incubates it. Here, the sperms migrate from one well to another well against the fluid’s movement. The sperms move across a small stream of fluid.

Highly motile sperms win the race and pass across the porous membrane into the upper chamber.

These high-quality sperms isolate through laminar flow, forming gradients through channels.

The technician collects the sperms in a particular chamber after incubation. These separated sperms are used in IUI, IVF, or ICSI.

Many studies associated with microfluidic devices showed that after using them:

    • Motility of the isolated sperms increased to 100%
    • Morphology of the separated sperms improved greatly

In contrast to other reproductive technologies, using microfluidic systems can:

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