Semen Freezing in India

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Semen Freezing in India

Semen Freezing – An Overview

Semen freezing, also known as sperm cryopreservation, is the process of preserving a man’s sperm at very low temperatures. The collected semen sample is carefully frozen and stored in a specialized facility. This technique allows for the long-term storage of viable sperm, ensuring its availability for future use in assisted reproductive procedures, such as IVF (in vitro fertilization) or artificial insemination, to facilitate pregnancy.

“With the help of semen freezing, you can empower your future, ensuring the gift of fatherhood remains possible even in challenging times,” says renowned fertility specialist Dr. Hrishikesh Pai.


Semen Freezing Procedure in India

The step-by-step procedure of semen freezing at Bloom IVF Centre in India is as follows:

Blood Test

Blood Test

We conduct a blood test before semen freezing to assess the donor’s health, screen for infectious diseases and ensure the quality of the sperm sample. It helps safeguard the donor’s health and any future recipients of the frozen sperm.

Semen Sample Collection

Semen Sample Collection

The man provides a semen sample through masturbation into a sterile container. It is best to abstain from ejaculation for 2-5 days before collecting the sample to ensure optimal sperm count and quality. If the male cannot produce sperm by ejaculation, Dr. Pai may obtain it by the Micro TESE technique.

Semen Wash and Analysis

We will wash your semen sample at our lab to remove the excess fluid, debris, dead and weak sperm. Then we conduct a semen analysis to determine sperm count, motility, and morphology and evaluate the sample’s quality and viability for freezing.

Mixing Semen with Cryoprotectant

We prepare a cryoprotectant solution to protect the sperm cells during the freezing process. This solution prevents the formation of ice crystals that could damage the sperm. The semen sample is mixed with the cryoprotectant solution in precise proportions to ensure the best protection of sperm cells during freezing.

Semen Placement

Semen Placement

We carefully place the prepared semen sample in small vials or straws. This allows for selective thawing of sperm, ensuring only the required amount is used for each treatment, preserving the rest for future use in multiple treatments.

Gradual Cooling

Fertility expert Dr. Pai ensures the containers are labeled with the donor’s information and placed in a controlled-rate freezer. The vials or straws are gradually cooled to a very low temperature (-196 degrees Celsius) in the controlled-rate freezer. This controlled cooling process helps preserve the sperm cells’ integrity.



Once the cooling process is complete, we transfer the vials or straws to liquid nitrogen tanks for long-term storage. These tanks maintain the extremely low temperature required for preserving sperm viability.

Semen Freezing Record

We maintain detailed records of the semen freezing procedure, including the date of freezing, the donor’s information, and the quality of the semen sample.

Thawing for Future Use

Thawing for Future Use

When the frozen sperm is needed for fertility treatments, it is carefully thawed in a controlled manner. The thawed sperm can then be used for IUI (intrauterine insemination), IVF, or other fertility procedures like ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection).

“Semen freezing is a valuable option for men who want to preserve their fertility for future family planning or in cases where medical treatments may impact fertility,” says Dr. Pai.

If you want to safeguard your chance at parenthood, please consult fertility specialist Dr. Hrishikesh Pai to explore the options of the best semen-freezing service in India.

Cost of semen freezing in India

The cost of semen freezing in India can vary based on several factors. Here are some points that can influence the cost:

Location: Major metropolitan areas may have higher costs compared to smaller towns.

Facility Reputation: Established and reputable fertility clinics or centers may charge higher due to their expertise and advanced technologies.

Storage Duration: Longer storage periods may incur higher charges.

Additional Services: Services like sperm analysis, genetic screening, and counseling can add to the cost.

Number of Samples: Freezing multiple samples may influence the pricing.

Discounts or Packages: Some facilities may offer discounted rates for storing multiple samples or provide cost-effective packages.

Medical Consultation: Consultation fees with the fertility specialist may be included or separate from the overall cost.

For a detailed cost breakdown and further information, kindly contact Dr. Hrishikesh Pai, often regarded as the best IVF Doctor in India, for guidance based on your specific needs.

Success Rates of Semen Freezing

The success rate of IVF using frozen sperm can vary depending on various factors, including:

  • the quality of the frozen sperm
  • the woman’s age
  • underlying fertility issues

Generally, the success rate of IVF using frozen sperm is comparable to IVF using fresh sperm. On average, the success rate of frozen sperm IVF is around 30% to 40% per cycle for women under 35 years old. The success rates may decrease slightly with increasing maternal age.

Advancements in freezing techniques, such as vitrification, have significantly improved the viability of frozen sperm, resulting in better success rates.

“Vitrification is an advanced cryopreservation technique where biological materials are rapidly frozen without forming ice crystals,” explains fertility expert Dr. Hrishikesh Pai. “This quick freezing prevents the formation of ice crystals that can damage the delicate structure of cells.”

Reasons for Semen Freezing in India

Semen freezing is a valuable and commonly used procedure in India for various reasons:

Fertility Preservation: Men facing medical treatments that may affect fertility, such as chemotherapy or radiation, opt for semen freezing to preserve their sperm for future use in fertility treatments.

Fertility Issues: Semen freezing can benefit men with fertility issues such as deteriorating sperm quality, low sperm count, or ejaculatory dysfunction, where viable fresh sperm may not be available on the day of the procedure.

Genetic Conditions: Men with genetic conditions that may impact fertility may choose to freeze their sperm to preserve healthy genetic material for future use.

Occupational and Lifestyle Factors: Men in certain professions or lifestyles with potential exposure to harmful elements or hazardous environments may opt for semen freezing as a precautionary measure.

Delayed Parenthood: Some men may choose to freeze their sperm when they are younger to ensure they have viable sperm available when they are ready for parenthood later in life.

Military or Travel Obligations: Men with military or work commitments that involve extended travel or deployment may preserve their sperm for potential family planning during their absence.

Before Vasectomy: Men considering vasectomy may choose to freeze sperm as a precautionary measure in case they change their minds about having children in the future.

Donor Sperm: Sperm banks and fertility clinics freeze and store donor sperm for use in fertility treatments, allowing individuals and couples to access donor sperm for conceiving a child.

If you want to retain the option of delayed fatherhood or desire to help others facing male fertility issues, sperm freezing is the way to go. Please visit IVF specialist Dr. Hrishikesh Pai for the best sperm-freezing service.

Limitations and Challenges of Semen Freezing:

The potential limitations and challenges in semen freezing include the following:

  • Poor sperm quality may lead to reduced post-thaw viability.
  • Obtaining an adequate amount of semen for freezing can be challenging, especially in cases of low sperm count or ejaculatory difficulties.
  • If not stored correctly, some damage to sperm cells may occur during freezing and thawing, affecting fertilization potential.
  • The cost of freezing and storage may become a limitation for some individuals or couples.
  • Ethical considerations for non-medical freezing, like before vasectomy, may raise questions about potential misuse.
  • Rare health risks and disease transmission if strict screening and testing protocols are not followed.
  • For some individuals or couples, freezing sperm may evoke emotional challenges and stress related to fertility concerns.

Access to reliable and well-equipped storage facilities may be limited in specific geographical locations, affecting the ease of semen freezing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I freeze and store my semen?

Generally, you can freeze and store your semen at the sperm bank, which sometimes is a part of the fertility clinic.

Who can opt for semen freezing?

Anybody who is healthy and has sperm in their ejaculate can opt for sperm freezing. It is a beneficial option for people whose fertility is threatened due to cancer.

Who should avoid freezing their semen?

Any person who does not have sperm in their ejaculate are not good candidates for semen freezing. Also, men who are undergoing chemotherapy should not bank their sperm as it often affects the DNA of the sperm and could result in pregnancy loss or birth defects.

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