Social Egg Freezing in India

Dr. Hrishikesh Pai is a world-acclaimed IVF doctor in India whose name is synonymous with fertility treatments. His passion and dedication to this field are commendable. He has pioneered many developments in infertility treatment, and one such advancement is social egg freezing in India.

Dr. Hrishikesh Pai, one of the best IVF doctor in Mumbai, India, is an expert in social egg freezing. He has helped many women realize their dream of becoming a parent at an older age.

With this method, they can genetically havetheir own child, which would not be possible with oocyte donation, and also, they have a higher chance of successful pregnancy than using standard IVF at an older age.

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Let us first understand what social egg freezing is?

Some women may choose to delay having children for various reasons, such as they haven’t found the right partner, they are advancing in their careers, or they are not ready. This may sometimes result in them being childless.

However, social egg freezing allows women to make more reproductive choices like when and with whom they wish to have children.

In this procedure, the woman undergoesan IVF cycle, but instead of immediately fertilizing her eggs with her partner’s sperm, the eggs are frozen (vitrified). They can use the frozen eggs to conceive a child in the future.

Social egg freezing is considered a breakthrough as it helps to end gender inequality in reproduction.

Why should you consider egg freezing?

As you know, women’s fertility declines with age, which accelerates after the age of 35. It happens due to a decrease in oocyte quality andfollicular number. If older women do conceive, the risk of chromosomal abnormalities and foetal loss is substantially higher.

Social egg freezing in India is quite popular. Many professionals and celebrities including, actresses, film producers, models, lawyers, doctors, etc., have undergone this procedure at our IVF centre in Mumbai.

However, the use of eggs stored at a young age will increase reproductive capacity. It will also reduce the risk of foetal loss and aneuploidies (genetic abnormalities such as Down’s syndrome) caused by aging oocytes.

What is the process of social egg freezing?

During social egg freezing in India, Dr. Hrishikesh Pai will retrieve the eggs through the IVF procedure. The retrieved eggs are then frozen and preserved in liquid nitrogen at minus 196 degrees Celsius for 5-10 years. The patient will come to us whenever she wants to have a child. To achieve a pregnancy, we will thaw the eggs, fertilize them with her partner’s sperm, and transfer them into her uterus.

To have a better chance of conceiving in the future, at least 8 to 12 mature (M2) eggs must be frozen. A second attempt might be necessary if the first attempt yielded fewer eggs.

Bloom IVF, one of the best IVF centre in India, was among the first to start social freezing in the world. Ex-Miss World Diana Hayden was the first patient to have frozen her eggs at our clinic way back in 2007. She later had three babies through her frozen eggs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best age for egg freezing?

For the best chance of success, a woman should freeze her eggs before 35 years.

What is the success rate of social egg freezing in India?

The pregnancy rates achieved with thawed, vitrified eggs have begun to rival those achieved through fresh, unfrozen eggs. Thousands of babies have been born with the help of social egg freezing in India.

What about my privacy?

We at Bloom IVF never disclose the names of our patients. We follow strict confidentiality rules and never share personal details about our patients.

How many eggs will I need to freeze?

You will have to freeze around 8 to 12 mature eggs to have a reasonable chance of future pregnancy.

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