What are the headlines in newspapers since last year?

Why are you working from home?

Why are your children having online classes?

Why everything is moved from offline to online?

Why safety has become so much important?

The answer to all the above questions is one. Yes, you guessed it right! It is the novel coronavirus. Coronavirus has changed our lives. It has negatively affected the entire world. This virus can attack anyone especially the ones with a weak immune system. The people who are more prone to get this virus are pregnant women!

Pregnant women with covid 19 are more likely to give birth prematurely and be more prone to other pregnancy complications. In case, you are pregnant and have any complications in pregnancy, it is advisable to seek help from one of the best IVF doctor in Mumbai.

This article discusses the relationship between pregnancy and coronavirus. It also discusses the complications in pregnancy that arise due to Covid 19 and the treatment options for pregnant women suffering from Covid 19.

Mumbai is one such city that has been adversely affected by the novel coronavirus. This is a cause of concern for especially pregnant women staying in Mumbai as pregnant women are more vulnerable to get impacted by a coronavirus. And for pregnant women, it is not just the question of themselves, but it is also the question of their child. And the immune system of the little ones is also weak thus making them more vulnerable to the perilous coronavirus.So, pregnant women need to follow double safety measures. Pregnant women need to take extra care and distance themselves from people and unhygienic places.

Now let us understand the complications faced by pregnant women having Covid 19.

What are the complications faced by pregnant women having Covid 19?

Pregnant women are more prone to get impacted from Covid 19 especially due to their weak immune system. Pregnant women with Covid 19 face pregnancy complications and can deliver the baby earlier than the due date of delivery. In case you are having any pregnancy complications due to Covid 19, it is advisable to get help from an IVF centre in Mumbai immediately.

What are the risk factors of covid 19 in pregnant women?

The following risk factors lead to covid 19 in pregnant women-

  • Pregnant women with high blood pressure are more prone to get covid.
  • Pregnant women suffering from cardiovascular disease are more vulnerable to coronavirus.
  • Pregnant women with diabetes are likely to get impacted by a coronavirus.
  • Pregnant women who are of a higher age are more prone to get impacted by the covid 19 virus.
  • High BMI also increases the likelihood of coronavirus in pregnant women.
  • The conditions and places where pregnant women work and stay also impact their likelihood of getting affected by the covid 19 virus. For example, health professionals are more prone to get impacted by the virus.

What is the treatment procedure for Covid 19 for pregnant women?

If hospitalization for COVID-19 is indicated in a pregnant person, care should be provided in a facility that can conduct maternal and fetal monitoring, when appropriate. Potentially effective treatment for COVID-19 should not be withheld from pregnant people because of theoretical concerns related to the safety of therapeutic agents in pregnancy.

Few Points to note:

  • Pregnant women can take covid 19 vaccination to protect themselves as well as their baby from getting impacted by the novel coronavirus.
  • Pregnant women can continue with their pregnancy treatment and take the medications prescribed by their IVF doctor in Mumbai. There is no evidence that medications can make one more vulnerable to get impacted by a coronavirus.
  • Like all other people, pregnant women should also follow safety measures like wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, washing hands regularly, etc. to stay away from coronavirus.


Covid 19 virus is a threat for everyone, especially pregnant women. But by following safety measures and by taking proper care, pregnant women can protect themselves as well as their child from the attack of the fatal virus. Vaccination is a shield that will protect not only the pregnant woman but also her little angel from getting impacted by a coronavirus. Remember, Covid 19 cannot stop one from getting pregnant. The life-taking virus cannot stop a child from getting a life. It cannot stop a pregnant woman from achieving her biggest joy-her child. It cannot stop her from turning her dream of giving birth to a child into reality. Even during this tough pandemic phase, a woman can have a smooth pregnancy phase. She can continue with her pregnancy treatment from an IVF specialist in Mumbai and make her dream a reality by following proper safety measures. Troubles cannot stop one from joys!

It is time to say yes to safety to say yes to your dream, to say yes to your joy!

Stay Safe!

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