Nowadays, many couples go for an IUI treatment in Mumbai. Have you gone for an IUI treatment as well and are now anxiously waiting for the results?

If you have done an IUI of IVF treatment from any IVF doctor in Mumbai and are waiting for your results, we would suggest you stay calm and have patience as pregnancy symptoms are only experienced after two weeks. Some women may experience early signs of pregnancy, but this is usually because of progesterone-containing medications.

What pregnancy symptoms are experienced after an IUI treatment?

The following pregnancy symptoms are experienced after an IUI treatment-


      • Bleeding After Implantation: Bleeding after implantation is one of the symptoms experienced by women after an IUI treatment. It happens when the egg deposits in the uterine tissue. This kind of bleeding typically occurs between 6-12 days after conception.

      • Delay in Menstruation: One of the pregnancy symptoms includes a delay in your periods. You may experience irregular periods and delayed menstruation. So, there is nothing to worry about!

      • Breast Tenderness: Swollen and tender breasts, especially after a pause in your menstrual cycle, is a common pregnancy symptom. In such cases, it is advisable to do a pregnancy test from a fertility centre in Mumbai.

      • Nausea: Feeling nauseous is also one of the symptoms of pregnancy. It happens because of an increase in estrogen hormones.

      • Fatigue: Experiencing fatigue and getting tired too quickly is also one of the common symptoms of pregnancy. It may be because of an increase in progesterone hormones in your body. It causes you to get tired quickly and makes you feel drowsy.

      • Food cravings: Cravings for certain foods and not tolerating certain smells are also common symptoms of pregnancy. You may feel hungry and often have food cravings at odd times.

      • Fever: Fever and a rise in body temperature is a common sign of pregnancy. If your fever lasts for a longer duration, like for more than 20 days, then the good news is undoubtedly expected!

    So, if you experience any or some of the above symptoms, Congratulations! Good news is likely on the way! And your dream to have a baby is soon going to be a reality!

    But in case you don’t experience any such symptoms, don’t panic. It takes time for symptoms to occur. In such cases, you may visit an IVF doctor.

    Can I go for a pregnancy test right after my IUI treatment?

    pregnancy test

    We know you must be eagerly waiting to see the treatment results and get a pregnancy test done. We also understand the joy couples experience in knowing that they are soon to become parents! It is one of the happiest moments especially in a woman’s life. Finally, her dream of becoming a mother and having a child of her own would become a reality!

    But we would suggest staying calm and being patient and not going for a pregnancy test right after your IUI treatment as it takes some days for the zygote to enter the uterus after fertilization. It may take some more days for the implant to be completed. Also, it takes some time for the Hcg levels to rise, which are used to confirm your pregnancy by doing a pregnancy test.

    So, it is advisable to go for a pregnancy test only after two weeks of your treatment and not immediately after your IUI treatment.

    It is recommended that you avoid taking a home pregnancy test. The best way to know whether you are pregnant or not is by doing a blood test. A blood test promises reliable and accurate results about your pregnancy.


    This article made us understand the typical pregnancy symptoms experienced after an IUI treatment, including fever, nauseousness, fatigue, bleeding, etc. It also tells when exactly one starts to experience these symptoms. From this article, we also learned what the appropriate time is for doing a pregnancy test. The best advice to follow an IUI treatment is to stay calm and have patience! It is best to avoid any kind of stress at such times. It is recommended to stay positive, trust the IUI procedure, and patiently wait for the results to show.

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