In India, male infertility has increased dramatically in the last few years. Male factor infertility is discovered in approximately 40 to 45 percent of all infertility cases. A variety of factors influence men’s fertility. Nutrition, lack of exercise, work stress, exposure to environmental toxins, and other lifestyle factors affect male fertility. 

During the initial visits at one of the best IVF centre in India, the fertility specialist will record a detailed medical history and recommend a semen examination for male fertility evaluationSemen analysis measures the count, motility, and shape of sperm in the ejaculate. The test results are used to guide further testing. Hormonal or genetic testing may be required for men with very low sperm counts. A testicular biopsy may be needed if sperms are absent in the ejaculate.

Couples who have trouble conceiving should make every attempt to identify the best infertility treatment for both partners and seek fertility counselling. Comprehensive infertility care units are the preferred option for couples seeking help once diagnosed with infertility by their attending fertility specialist. 

Depending on the origin and severity of the condition, IVF doctors in India utilize various procedures ranging from pills to IUI and IVF-ICSI to achieve conception. In male factor infertility, advanced ART procedures like MACS help choose better quality sperm for ICSI.

So, first, let’s know,

What is Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting (MACS)?

MACS is a sperm preparation technology. It separates healthy sperm from sperms that are on the verge of dying (apoptosis). It aids in a higher rate of fertilization, early embryo cleavage, implantation, and pregnancy.

How do MACS work?MACS works by using magnetic microparticles coupled to a protein called annexin V, which subsequently attach to phosphatidylserine, a marker found in the outer part of sperm membranes that signal cellular death. Then, they are confined by a magnetic field, allowing only the best sperm to pass through.Who is a suitable candidate for MACS?
  • The MACS approach can be used on a variety of patients, although experts commonly utilize it on:Couple who will undergo artificial insemination.Couple who face infertility due to the male partner’s sperm has a significant level of DNA fragmentation.Couple who has experienced recurrent miscarriages due to an unknown cause.Couples who have undergone at least one prior IVF treatment cycle or have poor embryo quality that is not due to the oocyte.
  • Now, let’s know,What are the benefits of using MACS?
  • MACS offers an advantage over traditional sperm preparation (SW or DGC) in lower sperm DNA fragmentation, MMP, CP-9, and EPS, and sperm with higher oocyte penetration potential.The benefit of MACS is supported by a recent study, which indicated that sperm preparation by MACS with DGC increases conception rates by 1.5 times when compared to DGC alone.
  • MACS is a well-known technique for treating male infertility, and it comes as a significant relief to many couples and fertility experts. Given the continual rise in the number of infertility cases reported in India, sophisticated ART procedures like MACS can be a boon for many childless couples

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