The Microfluidic Sperm Sorter is an innovative technology that encourages motile sperms to swim up the microchannel, leaving immotile or less motile sperms behind. Our IVF doctor in India utilizes it to pick spermatozoa with less fragmented DNA than the traditional procedure for spermatozoa selection in the sample. It is a new and improved method for selecting highly motile sperm, which is crucial for ICSI or PICSI to achieve a successful pregnancy. 

The “Microfluidic Sperm Sorter” is a cutting-edge technology that separates highly motile and structurally normal spermatozoa with good DNA integrity from semen to fertilize a female’s oocytes. This technology is a boon for couples who are having trouble becoming parents due to malefactor infertility.

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How does the Microfluidics Technique Work?

The microfluidic technique is based on the microfluidic principle. Sperms that are physiologically and genetically healthy have a high level of forward motility. 

An embryologist uses the Microfluidic method to take advantage of this sperm characteristic. The sperms are made to race in a limited stream of fluid, to put it another way. The healthiest sperms win the race. Then, the embryologist collects these sperms in a special chamber. The ICSI method utilizes those sperms to fertilize the female’s ovum.

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Who Should Opt for the Microfluidics Method?

  • It is essentially an add-on method for couples who are experiencing male factor infertility. When the male partner has a low number of morphologically normal sperms or sperms with a higher DNA fragmentation index (DFI), the microfluidics technology can help. 
  • Patients who have had IVF failure in the past cycle despite a normal semen analysis report or who have not had high-quality embryos may benefit from this method.

What are the Advantages of the Microfluidics Technique?

  • With each decade, the quality of human sperms has been seen to deteriorate in all criteria. It could be due to changing lifestyles or environmental factors. 
  • Conventional sperm preparation techniques have been linked to DNA damage in the sperm nucleus, resulting in IVF cycle failure. The significant benefit of Microfluidic technology is that it can separate morphologically normal sperms with unimpaired DNA that are free of dead sperms or debris and can be used in IVF cycles.
  • After the ICSI treatment, research has shown that employing the Microfluidic approach results in a greater fertilization rate, the development of better embryos, and an increase in pregnancy rates.

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Why Should One Avail Microfluidics?

  • The ability of the laboratory to produce high-grade embryos has a significant impact on the success rate of IVF or ICSI. 
  • We can accomplish this by choosing the best sperm with the best structure and DNA integrity
  • We can achieve this goal with the help of microfluidic technology. Hence, selecting this game-changing breakthrough technique in IVF to improve the chances of IVF treatment success is a wise decision.

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